Protecting Your World:
Personal Insurance in the Hamptons & Beyond

Based in the exclusive Hamptons on the East End of Long Island, Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance offers comprehensive and customized personal insurance solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable professionals understand what’s valuable to you. We know where — and how you live.

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  • We’ll Protect Your Eastern Long Island Home
    • We believe your home is your sanctuary. Let us help you protect one of your most precious and valuable investments.  
  • Long Island Auto Insurance — Near You And For You
    • Auto insurance is obligatory, but few people own or drive the exclusive vehicles you have access to. Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance offers premium auto insurance coverage, policies, and services that provide efficient claims service puts your safety first.
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  • Don’t Allow Your Success To Become A Liability
    • Don’t put your hard-earned financial security at risk: inadequate coverage doesn’t protect you from accidental scenarios. Our personal excess liability insurance helps protect your wealth from litigious individuals and situations and, critically, excess liability insurance supplements your remuneration when the liability limits of your other policies are exhausted.
  • You Collect Your Treasures; We Protect Them
    • Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance covers your private, extensive collectibles with bespoke coverage for significant collections. From art, jewelry and antique furnishings to rare coins, stamps and wine historical artifacts, our Hamptons-based experts help protect valuables of any kind.
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  • Protect Your Home From Water and Flood Damage
    • If you live on the coast, the need for flood protection may seem obvious. But dramatic weather patterns and land development are reducing the earth’s capacity for water absorption and increasing the risk of floods — even for homes that aren’t right on the water. Most typical homeowner policies don’t cover flood damage on their own. Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance has perfect policies to protect your home.
  • Excessive Flooding is a Fact of Life on the East End of Long Island
    • Excess flooding is a threat for residents in the Hamptons. The closer your home is located to the water, the more at risk it is to flooding, putting your home, its occupants and its treasures in jeopardy. If you own a waterfront home or live in an area that’s prone to flooding, protecting your home and property with flood insurance is more vital than ever. Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance offers your home and its contents full flood protection.
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  • Boats — Watercraft and Yachts — Warrant Protection
    • Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance offers locally-based, comprehensive insurance and protection for boats, yachts, and more. Whether you own a sailboat or a large yacht, our coverage and services keep you seaworthy.
  • Protect Your Long Island Investment with Builder’s Risk Insurance
    • Builder’s risk insurance helps protect your property and your investment from the ground up. Whether you’re building a new residence or renovating your existing home, we keep you covered. Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance is committed to finding the policy that suits your needs.
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