Car in front of a boat on a dock

Coverage from Land to Sea… and Everywhere In-Between

Gearing Up for Warmer Weather 

With the winter thaw already taking place, Hamptons tourists and residents are getting ready for the next “endless summer.” Soon, sail and motor boats will be out of storage and back in the water. Folks will dust off their vintage convertibles to go on joy rides and spring cleaning to get their Hamptons homes ready for an eventful season. Just imagine driving up to your summer cottage in your classic car and getting ready for a day on the water in the most beautiful area — the Hamptons. The best part? Having peace of mind knowing that DRO’s network has your back. 


Protection for the Summer Months 

It’s important that you’re covered from all angles when it comes to insurance. Fortunately, DRO’s network offers access to boat and yacht, car, and home insurance to protect your most valuable assets from life’s unexpected occurrences. 

Boat & Yacht Insurance 

Our network provides extensive coverage and services for various types of boats, ranging from small runabouts to large mega-yachts with full-time crews. Our coverage includes pleasure boats that are 35 feet or less — such as fishing boats, cabin cruisers, and wake boats — as well as personal watercraft like jet skis. We offer coverage for pleasure yachts that are 36 feet or more in length and valued up to $3 million, and captained vessels that are 70 feet or longer and valued at $3 million or more,. 

Auto Insurance 

Our network insurers ensure that your vehicle is repaired accurately and you receive top-notch protection while driving. If you own a vintage car that is 30 years old or more, or it’s part of a collection or limited production model, you might benefit from our classic car insurance.

Home Insurance 

We recognize the uniqueness of your Hamptons home, be it a custom-built house or a condominium. We acknowledge the care and effort you have invested in making your house your personal oasis. Our priority is to ensure you feel comfortable and secure in your home, even in the face of unexpected events that may require repairs, replacements, or rebuilding.

Find the Right Coverage for You

Whether home, auto, yacht, private collections, or almost anything else you value, DRO Insurance understands what matters to you in terms of coverage and we have a network of brokers who specialize in finding the perfect insurance policy for you. Simply put, we offer access to the proper coverage and the level of protection you need. 

Our network of insurers evaluates your home and takes into account, location, weather (including potential flooding), income, luxury car value, and more in determining the proper coverage for you, your family, and your personal property.

Let a qualified Dayton Ritz + Osborne network insurance expert assist you with any questions and connect you to the best options and quotes in the Hamptons and Long Island area.

To find the perfect policy for your family, and request a quote, call Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance today at 631-324-0420 or visit our website