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Access to Commercial Insurance Solutions for Your Business

Discover Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance, Long Island’s premier insurance network for business and commercial coverage.

Dayton Ritz + Osborne’s network of insurers is here to protect your business.

Dayton Ritz + Osborne’s network of insurers offers comprehensive, customized commercial insurance solutions to meet the needs of your local, national or international businesses. Our knowledgeable professionals understand what you value in coverage. 

We understand large-scale businesses and the risks they face. The only way to protect your assets is to carry adequate coverage. From property insurance to cyber liability, we know how to cover your business’ core needs.

Covering All Areas

Your business has concerns and we have the team to provide you with solutions. From property and liability to automobile and equipment insurance, we put you in the good hands of our insurers. Our network ensures that your business is completely protected by offering an array of insurance options, including:

Business Property Insurance. As your business succeeds and evolves, it will likely grow. Business Property Insurance helps protect your property and equipment in case of a covered loss.

Business Liability Insurance. More businesses are facing legal disputes for various reasons, from negligence and property damage to libel, slander and more. We help limit your exposure in a variety of situations.

Commercial Auto Insurance. If your business involves the use of vehicles, you need auto insurance to operate and cover legal bills, medical expenses and property damage if a business vehicle is involved in an accident.

Commercial Excess Liability Insurance. Our network offers coverage beyond your existing liability insurance, featuring a higher dollar limit to protect your business in the case of a claim with costs reaching above the amount of your existing policy. 

Business Interruption. Replaces lost income and pays for extra expenses when a business is affected by a covered peril, such as a natural disaster or power outage.

Crime. Covers loss of money, securities and other assets resulting from dishonesty, theft or fraud, including computer fraud.

Equipment Breakdown. Covers mechanical, electrical or computer failure and other unexpected breakdowns.