wildfire causing smoke in the woods

Wildfires: 5 Tips to Help You Expect the Unexpected

Because of its large size, dry climate, hot summers, and areas with high winds, California remains the most wildfire-prone state in the United States. Other states such as Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico are also at higher risk due to having drought-stricken areas. According to the Congressional Research Service, across the U.S., over 21,200 wildfires have impacted more than 1.1 million acres this year alone.  

That’s why we’ve compiled five effective ways to keep you, your home, and your family safe. 

  1. Plan ahead: Have a safety route in place for you and your family. 
  2. Keep firefighting tools handy, such as a ladder, shovel, rake, ax, water bucket, and a hose long enough to reach your home. 
  3. Store valuable documents in a fire-resistant safe or bank safety deposit box. If your home is subject to a wildfire, you will hopefully still have all of the information you need to rebuild. 
  4. In case of physical fire, ensure your address is viewable from the street. This way, emergency responders can find you as soon as possible. 
  5. Install smoke alarms on every level of your home. Another tip is to interconnect smoke alarms throughout the house. Then, when one sounds, they all sound.

For additional tips, check the National Fire Protection Associations Website

Additional wildfire protection from our partners.

In addition to the tips above, we’re fortunate to partner with other insurers to offer our clients an extra level of fire protection across several states. 

  • Chubb Wildfire Defense Services offers proven wildfire management techniques—including monitoring, prevention, and mitigation services, that save millions in property damage to policyholders. 
  • PURE Insurance Wildfire Mitigation Program provides pre-fire, and emergency response services intended to reduce—or prevent—a loss from wildfire.
  • AIG’s Wildfire Protection Unit can preempt wildfire damage before it occurs through monitoring, a fire-blocking agent that can be applied directly to structures or landscaping, and more.

The thorough coverage that these providers offer allows for the utmost amount of protection available in the event of a wildfire.

Dayton Ritz + Osborne Insurance is here to prepare you for life’s biggest curveballs. Partnering with us as your trusted advisor will ensure you receive the utmost quality care. From monitoring to prevention and mitigation, our team is here to protect you and your family from the devastating effects of wildfires.

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