Woman driving a motorcycle

Motorcycle Road Safety

The sun is shining, flowers are blossoming, and motorcycles are hitting the road. As we welcome summer, we want to remind you to be alert and cautious when driving, especially around motorcyclists. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that per mile traveled in 2018, the number of deaths on motorcycles was nearly 27 times the number in cars. It is our duty to share the road with others, be mindful, and practice safe driving techniques:

  1. Eliminate distractions: Do not use your cell phone while driving. Store it in your glove compartment or turn off the ringer so you can focus on the road.
  2. Give motorcyclists extra space: Most motorcycle accidents are caused by automobiles rear-ending motorcycles. Give yourself and the motorcyclist the space to stop, change lanes, and slow down.
  3. Make sure your mirrors are in the correct position: Always double-check your mirrors when you enter your car. Also, make it a habit to deliberately check your blind spots when changing lanes as motorcyclists may not be visible at all times.
  4. Use caution when opening the door to exit a parked car: Especially in high-traffic areas, always look behind your car before opening the door.
  5. Don’t rely on a motorcycle’s turn signals: Like cars, sunlight at the right angle can render turn signals invisible. Motorcyclists may inadvertently leave their signal on or neglect to use signals, as well.
  6. Be extra cautious at night and during bad weather: Give yourself and motorcyclists extra space and time to brake and pass during slippery conditions. Help riders stay safe after dark by ensuring your high beams are turned off when you notice an approaching motorcycle.
  7. Encourage other passengers to be proactive: When you’re driving, your attention needs to be on the road—but sometimes, you may not always be aware of your surroundings. A passenger in the front or back seat has a different range of vision than the driver and could prevent an accident by speaking up.

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