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Commercial Cyber Attacks Can Cripple Your Business

Don’t Wait: Mitigate

Cyber attacks such as ransomware and data breaches are a dangerous — and ever-growing — threat to businesses of all sizes. Companies put their data at risk as the whole world pushes for more and more interconnectivity. 

Cybercriminals are increasingly using tactics that focus on compromising internet-facing infrastructures – exploiting vulnerabilities in unpatched servers with stolen credentials or identifying potential victims.  

DRO Insurance understands the risks businesses face when it comes to a data breach, and we can help provide the comprehensive coverage needed for business security.

Stay Protected

In order to combat known and unknown internet-facing vulnerabilities, consider these best practices:

  • Perform regularly scheduled vulnerability scanning 
  • Implement strict password controls
  • Use two-factor authentication; and enable Network Level Authentication (NLA) and disable Server Message Block v1 (SMBv1)

With proactive security strategies, your business can incur fewer breaches, identify security events faster and minimize attack damage effectively and efficiently. 

We can provide your business with a comprehensive cyber liability plan to cover damages if your business’ data is lost, stolen or compromised. 

Protection from Data Breaches, Identity Theft

We can create tailored insurance solutions meant to fit your needs. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business and make sure your plan doesn’t have any gaps in coverage.

Our data breach insurance covers the following potential risks:

  • Loss or corruption of data
  • Business interruption
  • Various liabilities
  • Identity theft
  • Cyber extortion
  • Reputation recovery

Don’t let a cyber attack take your business down. But know that we’re here for you if you need us. For more information on coverage, or to file a claim for cyber attack-related damage, contact us.