3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Maintenance

With spring almost upon us and the warmer weather getting closer every day, we all can’t wait to be outside. Now is the perfect time to start maintenance that ensures your home stays in the best shape. Here are some tips to help you keep your home in top condition. 

  1. Clean Out Your Dryer’s Lint Hose: While often forgotten about, the lint from your dryer can build up after time. Even if you are cleaning it out from the lint trap, a build-up within the hose, which leads from the back of the machine to the outside vent, can still happen, making your dryer less effective while also increasing the risk of a household fire. 

    In 34% of homes, failure to clean the dryer is the leading cause of a home fire. Reduce this danger by adding this to your checklist! 

  2. Inspect Weather Stripping: The elements outside, especially during the winter months, can cause damage to the weather stripping on door frames and windows. If the seal is compromised, it can lead to drafts coming in and to increased humidity in  warmer months. Replacing the weather stripping is easy, and most home improvement stores have the supplies. 
  3. Take a Look at Your Roof: The buildup of snow, ice, and rain over the colder months can take a significant toll on your roof. Look for holes, cracks, missing shingles, and other possible damages when inspecting. One tip is to use your smartphone’s camera to zoom in on the roof to check. If you suspect any damage, call a roofing contractor who can go onto the roof for further inspection. 

If you have time to tackle a few more items this spring, take a look at our previous blog for a larger list of tips! 

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